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Legal questions or problems?


We have experienced attorneys on call.


Fill out our form below and we'll connect you with duly licensed counsel. 

The process is simple

1. Fill out our form

2. We connect you with an attorney by phone

AyudaLey is ...

A legal marketplace that connects people with legal questions with duly licensed attorneys 

Benefits of Using AyudaLey

AyudaLey™ verifies that every attorney is duly-licensed and diligent--and we're on call to ensure your experience is positive 

Submit your top level information via our simple online form and we'll connect you with counsel 

For AyudaLey™ members, we are on call throughout the membership--coordinating counsel as needed and paying any initial consultation fees that attorneys otherwise charge. Plus, for our members, attorneys have agreed to observe discounts off their hourly rates and/or fixed pricing 

About AyudaLey

AyudaLey™ first started to take shape in 2017. With the passage of Hurricane Maria, there was no time to delay and AyudaLey went live. In effect, AyudaLey​ began as a social welfare project. After Hurricane Maria, we have continued to connect clients to attorneys to serve their needs. 


We've connected over 100 clients to attorneys since going live and look forward to supporting you as you seek an attorney.

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